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NetApp SolidFire H-610S-1
The storage foundation for your cloud infrastructure

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NetApp SolidFire Storage Nodes
NetApp SolidFire H-610S-1 Storage Node with 12 x 960GB 2.5 inch SSD
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Your Hybrid Cloud Foundation

Public cloud has changed the game in enterprise IT, raising the bar for the experience that users expect when running existing apps or developing new ones. Public cloud offers the services that developers need, it’s easy for the organization to get started with minimal up-front investment, and apps can be rapidly scaled up or down on demand. However, as good as public cloud is, on-premises data centers aren’t going anywhere. Private clouds on the premises can enable IT leaders to effect powerful changes quickly, overcoming internal hurdles to public cloud adoption. They also address regulatory compliance and privacy issues, ensure availability for enterprise apps and architectures, and often deliver better long-term economics.

What businesses need is a fast-paced, powerful, modernized IT environment that can deliver the best of both worlds—public cloud and data center— with a hybrid cloud environment. The NetApp® SolidFire® all-flash storage system is architected for rapidly transforming environments. As the foundation of your private cloud infrastructure, SolidFire enables independent scaling, consistent performance, and automation integrations, giving your infrastructure the flexibility and consistency to scale as a service provider. SolidFire helps you to get closer to the speed and simplicity of business in the cloud while exceeding the demands of keeping your data on your premises.

About NetApp

In a world full of generalists, NetApp is a specialist. We’re focused on one thing, helping your business get the most out of your data. NetApp brings the enterprise-grade data services you rely on into the cloud, and the simple flexibility of cloud into the data center. Our industry-leading solutions work across diverse customer environments and the world’s biggest public clouds. As a cloud-led, data-centric software company, only NetApp can help build your unique data fabric, simplify and connect your cloud, and securely deliver the right data, services and applications to the right people—anytime, anywhere.

What We Do

Keep Your Consolidated Workloads Secure at Every Level

With Element software, you know that your data is secure. Simply authorize and authenticate users to your system and grant access with centralized user management. Manage access to volumes in a diverse environment with multiple tenants on hardware with multiple drive encryption options to ensure security at the hardware level. And control network security by isolating traffic in flight to prevent volume visibility between different tenants’ data. You can rest easy knowing that your infrastructure provides enterprise-ready security.

Flexible Deployment Options for Increased Operational Agility and Efficiency

Forward thinking, agile businesses are constantly looking to maximize productivity while controlling cost. Harness SolidFire software’s unique ability to guarantee performance, automate storage tasks, and scale easily, to rapidly respond to the needs of the business, improve productivity, and reduce management complexity by deploying Element software pre-integrated on NetApp hardware via the SolidFire appliance, or as stand-alone software defined storage (SolidFire Enterprise SDS) on hardware of your choice.

With a term-capacity license, hardware and software costs are decoupled for additional flexibility. By decoupling market-leading software from the underlying hardware under the term-capacity model, NetApp offers a modern purchasing model that aligns with how storage is bought and consumed today. This model balances the flexibility of software-defined storage with the convenience of purpose-built appliances. Select the purchase method that makes the best sense for your enterprise; either way, you get the predictability, efficiency, and scalability of NetApp Element software

Unleash the Power of Your Data to Achieve a New Competitive Advantage

Leading businesses across every industry are building data fabrics to strategically address today’s complex IT challenges: modernizing and simplifying IT to accelerate business-critical applications, building private cloud to gain speed and agility, and fueling data-driven innovation on their choice of clouds. Organizations that are doing any of these things with NetApp are on their way to building their unique data fabric. The data fabric is NetApp’s strategy for simplifying and integrating the orchestration of data services for enterprise and cloud-native applications in any combination, across hybrid multicloud environments, to respond and innovate more quickly because their data is accessible from both on-premises and public cloud environments. Integration with the data fabric allows SolidFire to provide data services, including file services, through NetApp ONTAP® Select, object services through NetApp StorageGRID®, replication services through NetApp SnapMirror®, data visibility through NetApp OnCommand® Insight, and backup and recovery services through NetApp Cloud Backup.

Fewer Headaches—More Customer Satisfaction

SolidFire simplifies how you grow your infrastructure, eliminating the pain and headaches of forklift upgrades. With the ability to mix nodes within a cluster, you can incrementally scale for performance or capacity, when your business demands it—no resource planning or downtime required.

Powered by NetApp Element® software, your SolidFire system consistently delivers performance to hundreds of applications, even through boot storms and unplanned events. Each volume is configured with minimum, maximum, and burst IOPS values through the Element quality of service settings, ensuring uptime across all applications running on a consolidated system.

The Element management frameworks provide both an intuitive web-based UI and a robust REST-based API to automate every aspect of storage provisioning, management, and reporting. Its deep integration with industry-leading cloud, virtualization, and automation platforms minimizes development time and overhead so that you can deploy applications and self-service faster.

Key Benefits

Independent Scale

  • Add capacity and performance resources independently
  • Grow from tens of terabytes to multiple petabytes
  • Decrease administrative time by 92% with nondisruptive scaling and no downtime

Constant Performance

  • Guarantee application performance to thousands of apps simultaneously
  • Manage performance in real time without affecting other volumes
  • Reduce cost and complexity by consolidating workloads onto a single storage platform

Automation Integrations

  • Use simple, comprehensive REST- based APIs and management tools
  • Shrink repetitive administration tasks by 67%
  • Achieve up to 10 times data reduction with always-on global deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning

Direct management of storage, no strings attached:

Include storage management in your automation strategies thanks to NetApp SolidFire’s full-featured API

The days of being held back by limited legacy storage allocation practices or hindered by impossible-to-maintain management workflows are a thing of the past. With a full-featured API, NetApp SolidFire puts our entire all-flash, scale-out storage system at your fingertips for complete, robust integrations. The right storage infrastructure can help you think up the stack when optimizing your applications and workloads. The right storage APIs enable you to automate down the stack. With NetApp SolidFire, APIs are simply the beginning. Now, all complex management tasks can be abstracted from users, rendering storage an easily programmable resource—increasing your capabilities and driving your business.

H-610S-1 H-610S-2 H-610S-4
1U storage node*
Drive Capacity (12) 960GB (12) 1.92TB (12) 3.84TB
System Memory/Read Cache 256GB 512GB 704GB
Raw Capacity 11.52TB 23.04TB 46.08TB
Effective Capacity** 19.64TB 39.28TB 78.57TB
Performance per Node 100,000 IOPS
Networking Data—(2) 25GbE iSCSI SFP28
Management—(2) 1GbE RJ45
Power (Watts) 353.1W to 385.7W,
depending on I/O load
393.1W to 425.7W,
depending on I/O load
423.1W to 455.7W,
depending on I/O load
Weight 18.37kg (40.5lb)
*Available as encrypted or unencrypted system. Unencrypted model numbers are H610S-1-NE-P, H610S-2_NE-P, and H610S-4-NE-P
Two 1.5 meter C13 and C14 power cords included per node. Although NetApp provides one power cord type and length with shipment, customers can procure the power cords of their choice from outside vendors
**SolidFire effective capacity calculation accounts for SolidFire Helix® Data protection, system overhead, and global efficiencies including compression, deduplication, and thin provisioning. SolidFire customers typically achieve an effective capacity range of 5X to 10X the usable capacity, depending on application workloads. Effective capacity is based on 4:1 storage efficiency ratios with the maximum number of SSDs installed. The actual ratio may be 10:1 or higher, depending on workloads and use cases
***SolidFire eSDS is currently supported on HPE DL360 Gen 10. Details available on the IMT.


Download the NetApp SolidFire Sheet (PDF).


NetApp Products
NetApp SolidFire Storage Nodes
NetApp SolidFire H-610S-1 Storage Node with 12 x 960GB 2.5 inch SSD
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